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by Medora Roehl on Blank Business Name

Earl & Donna helped me as soon as I knew I had a problem. As I left West Fargo heading to Casselton, something flew up and hit the under side of my car. I made it to Casselton before noticing fuel was leaking from my car. Earl put my car up on the lift and showed me right away where the fuel was leaking. He let me know my fuel tank was ruptured, how it needed to be fixed & that I needed to take the necessary steps to contact my insurance rep asap. Within a short time, I had all the answers I needed and between Earl's Repair and my insurance provider I was set to go. Thank you!

by Joan & Dave Jendro on Blank Business Name

We were going West on I-94 headed for Jamestown. It was quite late in the afternoon. Our small RV trailer broke down just after we crossed a highway bridge. Broken leaf springs. Squealing and smoking tires caused us to stop immediately. We called AAA and they sent out a flatbed truck, and recommended we go to Earl's Repair in Casselton. Even as we approached the building, one can tell this is a quality service, just by the architecture and commodious space in the building. This is a man who knows what he's doing. We had called ahead and were assured by Reed Samuelson that, although it was late and the guys were getting ready to close for the day, HE WOULD stay until we arrived. Then they would get to work on the trailer first thing in the morning. What comforting words for some one broken down at 5:00 p.m. on a busy interstate highway. We signed the papers then went in search of a motel for the night. When we returned the next morning, the trailer was already up on jacks and a very competent Stephen Mohs, Shop Foreman, was already at work. In all our discussions with Earl Samuelson, Stephen Mohs and Reed Samuelson we were treated with cheerful helpfulness, being advised as to what needed to be done, and the progress of the repair. We left totally confident in the the repairs that were made. This is an absolutely top notch repair facility. I wish they were located closer to us (Northwestern Wisconsin). We would certainly bring any repairs to their competent workmanship.

by Mark Russell on Blank Business Name

My wife and daughter were traveling from northeastern MN to Idaho when the car quit in Casselton at a gas station. Your service, openness about what you were doing and actually trying to find the real problem were very comforting to me, husband and dad. Thank you.

Thanks for great and quick service. Very friendly and accommodating.

Will continue to do business here!!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

A very nice repair shop for this town and repair was done and cost me a whole lot cheaper than Fargo. - From Google

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

Earl and his staff have helped me several times with problems with my two vans and my truck. One time Earl even came to my house on a 30 below morning, got my van started and only wanted $10 in payment. Who else makes house calls? Since then I've made a point of going to his shop with problems and every time I've been pleased with the result. He tends to recomend the best parts - which can be a problem if you are trying to work on a tight budget. But his labor costs are lower then other places in town which helps offset that. And having the better part will pay off in the long run.